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The freedom of choice

It’s impossible to create the perfect user interface. It seems to be either complicated or limited. ReCalc MoniTor is developed with these issues in mind. With MoniTor, you have the ability to control just how many dashboards, reports, and statistics you view at a time. Now it’s easier for you to target user interfaces and reports. We have developed a system that makes it simple to integrate with any other systems, like EMS, BMS, meters and sensors. Why? Because we believe in the freedom of choice.  

And the best of it all? It’s highly cost-efficient.

ReCalc MoniTor Highlights


Customized dashboards
Each user can have their own set of dashboards configured to their special needs including graphs, charts, and gauges.

Beautiful reports
Create beautiful reports for your organization delivered to the web, pdf or mobile devices.

Just log in. No involvement from the IT department. No static IP addresses and Firewall to configure. No local installation. Always online. 24/7.

Secure data
Collaborate with colleagues in a shared, secure environment.  

Receive alarms and notifications via email when a unit stops working or when something goes wrong. Log in to have an online real-time overview.


Download the ReCalc MoniTor flyer in English

Download the ReCalc MoniTor flyer in Danish



Any sensors and meters will do
ReCalc MoniTor is designed to collect data from any meters and sensors - not just ReMoni's. There's no limit for usage!

Comply with regulations
Regulations and CSR sucks but someone must comply.

Encourage staff with interactive and informative dashboards, to monitor progress by department, building or site.

Map Navigation
Use Map Navigation to view multiple buildings, sites, and locations on the interactive map.

Compare individual buildings, sectors or locations to identify the best and worst energy performers.

Ease of use
Intuitive layout. Easy to understand. Users can quickly understand graphs and data.

ReCalc MoniTor - the only solution you need

As an energy manager, having too much-unstructured data makes getting the full picture a difficult and often impossible task.
ReCalc MoniTor consists of simple and intuitive dashboards - customized to fit your and your colleagues’ needs.

Simply login online to get the full overview. 

ReMoni offers a coherent end-to-end solution, consisting of self-powered, IoT sensors that transmit real-time data from your energy-using equipment to our cloud-based analytics platform.


Artificial Intelligence helps you optimizing performance, deal with potential equipment failures before they happen, and reduce energy inefficiencies and waste.


A better bottom line in your company.